LPG Gas Christchurch

New Home Gas Bottles

How to connect gas bottles or appliances to your home:

Guide to new home gas bottles & connections for hot water, gas fires, and gas hobs.

Buy your gas appliances


Contact a gas fitter.

Must have fittings installed by a professional gas fitter

Order gas for testing

When the fittings are installed, the gas fitter will order gas for testing, or ask you to order it for them

Open an account with KiwiGas

Simply open an account and order online.

Gas fitters in Christchurch

A licensed gas fitter will install your gas regulator, changeover valve, and “pigtails”, before connecting the line to your appliances. You own the fittings, then rent the gas bottles from us as your gas supplier. We also test the bottles each time we make a delivery.

List of recommended gas fitters

We work with the following gas fitters:
Plumbing Gas 360
Ken Toohey
All Good Plumbing and Drainage