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Changing gas supplier

Changing gas

Changing gas suppliers is easy as! Simply open an account with KiwiGas, and we’ll collect your gas bottles when we drop off your order and return the old cylinders to the previous provider.

Is there a set up cost?

If you have an existing gas bottle and all the fittings, you’ll only pay for standard bottle rental, gas, and delivery.

Will my fittings work with your gas bottles?

Our fittings are standard in NZ, so if you’ve had gas delivery before to your home or business, you can be 99.9% confident the fittings will work. If on the rare occasion our bottles don’t fit your existing setup, we can recommend a local supplier who can make new fittings for your bottles and tubes if you’ve bought an appliance (such as a camping fridge) that needs a connection to your bottle.

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