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Gas bottles sizes

Gas bottle sizes NZ

Not sure what gas bottle sizes you need?

The most common gas bottle size for barbeque & gas hobs is 9kg, with larger 45kg bottles being more suitable for water heating or gas fires.
2kg for camping gas cookers or portable barbeque
4kg & 4.5kg campervan and caravan gas bottles
9kg gas bottles for the barbecue or gas hob
45kg gas bottles
27, 18, 14, 12kg bottles – popular where access is difficult
20/15kg forklift bottles

Know which gas you need?

Get a 9kg bottle swap at home or open an account for 45kg gas bottle delivery in Christchurch & Canterbury (from $139).
How much is a 45kg gas bottle in NZ?
There are three parts to gas prices: the gas itself, bottle rental, and delivery. The price for getting one 45kg gas cylinder delivered starts from $139 (prices may vary slightly by area). Allow extra for gas bottle rental. When you order with KiwigGas, our price includes bottle rental at $100 per annum (if you order two 45kg gas cylinders). You can also add a 9kg bottle to your delivery order for $37.
How long does a 45kg bottle last?
For average household use, you can expect to go through around three 45kg gas bottles per year. You might need more if you’ve got a large family or like a long shower. While refills are available at our depot, 45kg bottles are best swapped on-site at your home. Our drivers carry a tail lift and sack barrow, so there’s no heavy lifting required. For commercial use, you may need more frequent orders during busy or high-use periods.