LPG Gas Christchurch

Gas Bottle Refill Station
Southern Cross Road

Pop down to our gas bottle refill station at 7 Southern Cross Road, Rangiora

Bring in your empty gas bottle of any size. We’ll top it up, and you’ll be good to go. We offer LPG refills for 2kg, 4.5kg, 9kg, right up to 45kg, but do recommend delivery for 45kg bottles.

Need another bottle? We also sell gas bottles in the following sizes:
2kg, 4.5kg & 9kg.
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9kg LPG gas 
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45 kg gas BOTTLE delivery
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9kg gas bottle refills 
from our Rangiora depot.

$29.90 inc. GST
9kg Gas

45kg bottle
delivered from $139*

No contract required. Fixed price until February 2025
Gas Delivery
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Open 6 days

Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm 
Saturday 9.00am – 3.00pm
We also have a gas filling station in Christchurch (Hornby).

LPG refill options:

Bring in any-sized bottle for refill at Southern Cross Road
Join to arrange home delivery (45kg plus optional 9kg)
High-use business customers can book scheduled refills

9kg gas bottle refill prices

Refills cost $29.90 inc. GST at our depot at 7 Southern Cross Road, Rangiora
What size bottles do you refill?
2kg for camping gas cookers or portable barbeques
4kg/4.5kg campervan and caravan gas bottles
9kg for the barbecue or gas hob
45kg gas bottles for home or commercial use
27kg, 18kg, 14kg, 12kg gas bottles for hills or tricky access
20kg/15kg for forklift gas
Due to their weight, 45kg gas bottle refills are best arranged via our gas delivery service.
Gas bottle sizes NZ
Can I swap an out-of-date gas bottle?
No. After the certification is expired, gas bottles need to be retested or retired. If your old bottle has expired, bring it in and we can dispose of it safely. Then you can buy a revamped bottle that has been tested and certified for safety. Certifications last 10-years.
How do I know if my gas bottle is current?
All gas bottles have a 10-year life from the date on the bottle or most recent test-date.  You’ll find the date stamp on the surround of the neck of the bottle which includes the month, year, and identification mark for the certifier.
LPG Cylinder disposal
Compressed gas in damaged, rusted, or expired LPG cylinders can become dangerous. For this reason, they can’t be put in the rubbish or recycling. Bring in your LPG gas bottles to us for disposal.
Can I fill my own gas bottle?
In a word, no. By law, gas refills must be done by a certified gas filler (like us).