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Your go-to for gas home delivery in Christchurch including Sumner and Lyttelton, Selwyn, Waimakariri, Banks Peninsula and Rangiora/North Canterbury.

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9kg Gas

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No contract required. Fixed price until February 2025
(pricing effective 13/02/2024)
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*Prices may vary by area
No contract required. Fixed price until February 2025

Gas for Business

Warm up with 45kg bottle delivery from $139

Business gas delivery Christchurch and Rangiora

If you’re running a restaurant, bar, gym, or any other business with heating or hot water needs, a reliable gas supplier means one less thing to organise. We also supply the farming sector for grain dryers, organic flame weeders and cow shed hot water, and we supply industrial gases for welding and hospitality.
Gas for business
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Gas for hospitality & bars
Gas for welding
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How to get the best price for 9kg gas?
Bring in your 9kg bottles to our gas filling station at 37 Shands Rd Hornby and we will fill it for just $26.90. Or bring it in to our Rangiora depot and we will fill it for $29.90.
Why get your gas from KiwiGas?
Ease: Book your gas online for home delivery

Support: We’re locally owned, with real people to answer the phones!

Consistency: Regular runs mean your gas will be delivered within the week

Fairness: Low overheads = low prices

How does gas delivery work?


Register & order online

Fill in the ‘Become a customer’ form with how many gas bottles you need along with access details like locked gates, steep drives, bottle location, or dogs.


You’ll then receive a welcome email with approximate delivery date. For new installs, if the house has an existing gas fitting, we’ll connect the bottles. If the house is a new build, we’ll leave the bottles disconnected (for the gas fitter to connect when testing). If you’re switching from another gas supplier, we’ll swap out the old bottles, tag them, and return them to the previous provider on your behalf.

Payment options

After delivery, you’ll get an invoice payable by the 20th of the following month. Bottle rental is payable in advance. You’ll find us as a payee online, or we can take visa over the phone. We also offer Direct Debit, please contact us for a form.

Switching to your second bottle

When your first bottle is empty, simply switch to your second bottle and order a replacement bottle online. Learn how to switch gas bottles.
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How much is a 45kg gas bottle in NZ?
There are three parts to gas prices: the gas itself, bottle rental, and delivery. The price for getting one 45kg gas cylinder delivered starts from $139 (prices may vary slightly by area). In addition, allow bottle rental of $56 for each 45kg cylinder per annum. 

When you order with KiwiGas, our usual quote for two 45kg gas cylinders includes bottle rental at $112 per annum . You can also add a 9kg bottle to your delivery order for $37.
How long does a 45kg bottle last?
For average household use, you can expect to go through around three 45kg gas bottles per year. You might need more if you’ve got a large family or like a long shower. While refills are available at our depot, 45kg bottles are best swapped on-site at your home. Our drivers carry a tail lift and sack barrow, so there’s no heavy lifting required. For commercial use, you may need more frequent orders during busy or high-use periods.

Locals supplying locals

Locally-owned and yes, a real person on phone to answer your queries!

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Couldn’t be more impressed with Kiwigas. We have been using them for years now and they have never failed to provide. We realised we had run out of gas super late on Fri night and the drivers had finished. The owner Geoffrey showed up super early Saturday morning, so we had hot water for the weekend. Amazing service. Deserves 5 stars. - Lauren

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